Cravache Prestige Bleue Expand

Horsewhip elegance blue


Blue” flexible horsewhip Elegance Collection, wrapped with high-quality grained goatskin leather. Handmade and hand-made braided with a rare wood. Comes with a sheath made of black suede.

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187,50 €

The hackberry wood:

Our horsewhips are made from a very rare wood, the hackberry wood, strong and light at the same time. It has been specially cultivated since the 13th century for the hand-crafted making of hunting whips and whips dedicated to equestrian sports. This wood from the family of the elm is very common in our region, the Pyrénées-Orientales, where the ground, which is in a Mediterranean climate, is particularly favourable to its development.

Production process:

Matured (15 to 20 years) and on the full moon, the wood is shoulder-high cut then it is dried for 2 years in order to get an optimum technical yield. Then, it is hand-made braided with the help of an ancestral mechanism of steam sterilizer.


The slapper is made from two pieces of grained skin goat leather from the most beautiful skins. Cut again and stuck against each other, they will be bound to the horsewhip by a French tie made of waxed thread. The handle made of hackberry is also wrapped with a grained skin goat leather . This ancestral skill gives to the whole horsewhip an elegant and strong aspect.


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