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You have to read carefully the general terms and conditions of sale below. Every order will be exclusively ruled by these conditions of sale.

The validation of your electronic order form means prior consultation of the general terms and conditions of sale and will be worth their complete and irrevocable acceptance.


The website, the source code, the texts, the images and other characteristics are the exclusive propriety of SQUARE PARTNERS SA company which ensures the complete business management.

The contact details of SQUARE PARTNERS SA are the following:

100 rue James WATT
66100 Perpignan - FRANCE
RCS Perpignan B 421 883 794

Phone : (+33) - Fax : (+33)
E-Mail : does not make creations on request. All the horsewhips on the website are edited by entitled houses which received the necessary authorizations from beneficiaries or their legal representatives.

These terms and conditions of sale can be subject to change, the conditions applied are those on the website at the time of your order.

Article 1: Acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale.

Article 2: Order Confirmation

Article 3: Duration of the offer.

Article 4: Price, minimum for an order,free shipping, bill

Article 5: Secure payment

Article 6: Non-payment and reservation of title

Article 7: Transfer of risk

Article 8: Execution of the order

Article 9: Delivery

Article 10: Period of withdrawal, repayment, replacement

Article 11: Emergency

Article 12: Withdrawal of the products if the client is absent

Article 13: Guarantee

Article 14: Right to have access to the file

Article 15: Responsibility

Article 16: Cookies

Article 17: Electronic signature

Article 18: Proof

Article 19: Preservation and archiving

Article 20: The whole contract

Article 21: Governing Law

Article 22: Settlement of disputes

Article 1: Acceptance of these terms and general conditions of sale

These general conditions of sale are intended to define the rights and obligations of the parties related to distance selling of products offered on the website

 The customers are willing to accept these terms and conditions when they validate their order or by clicking on validation on the electronic order form or by sending it by regular mail to the address of the company.

The customer declares to be at least eighteen (18) years old and have the legal capacity or have the parental permission allowing him to place an order on

Article 2: Order Confirmation

The order placed by the customer will be considered accepted when the order is confirmed by SQUARE PARTNERS SA.

The customer will receive by e-mail or fax or mail an acknowledgement of receipt which confirms the order and with all the elements of the contract (description of the product ordered, price, delivery time, shipping costs...)

SQUARE PARTNERS SA. reserves the right not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever. The rejection of an order will be notified by e-mail or by fax or mail in case of a mail order.

Please note that an order placed to SQUARE PARTNERS SA by mail will not be systematically confirmed. Only the refusal to accept the order will result in an email or a mail.

The customer will be able to cancel the order only if the payment is not accepted or if the amount indicated in the e-mail or if the confirmation mail of the order exceeds at least 10% of the advertised price on the website.

Article 3: Duration of the offer.

 The offers on this website are within the limits of available product stocks.

Article 4: Price, minimum for an order, free shipping, bill .

 Prices are in Euros.

 The guaranteed price to the customer is displayed on the website when you buy it. The amount shown is firm and definitive. It does not include any eventual participations in shipping charged extra fees and will be confirmed in the order confirmation.

 The prices indicated are tax included, so VAT rate applicable on the date of the order. Any change in this rate will be reflected in the selling prices of the products.

 For deliveries outside the EU territory, the customer will have to pay the customs duties and other taxes due to the title of the importation of goods on the territory of delivery.

Article 5: Secure payment.

All data related to the payment of your orders are encrypted so that the information you provide is protected during transmission to our payment processing centre.

 The amount of your purchases on the website is the one that appears when confirming your order. You guarantee to SQUARE PARTNERS SA it has the required permission to use the chosen method of payment, when validating the order form.

 The customer agrees to pay the price of goods ordered on the website (products and shipping) and to pay to the forwarding agent or carrier the customs duties and other taxes due to the importation of products into the country to the delivery address.

The customer can pay the order:

1/Payment by credit card: VISA or Eurocard-Mastercard only. For the online payment, the website uses the secure payment Cybermut managed by Le Crédit Mutuel and using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This standard is the most used concerning electronic payment. The integrity of the data is ensured by the embedding method (compression of the message preventing its interpretation when it is transmitted in a few seconds) and ensures to the customer an absolute secure payment.

The transaction is fully carried out by the Banque Populaire's banking network so that either the website or any other intermediary technique can have access to the bank details given (number of card, date of validity and name of the holder).

La Banque Populaire is responsible for carrying out:

  • the classical payment authorization request,

  • the payment strictly speaking (movement of customer account to the SQUARE PARTNERS SA account) if the authorization is given. Therefore, you will be immediately informed of the payment status (granted or denied) thanks to:

  • the posting on your screen with an hypertext link to go back to the website,

  • the sending of a payment status to the computer system of

The system guarantees a better security of payment than the transmission of the number of cards by fax that we also accept.

2/Payment by postal or bank cheques to SQUARE PARTNERS SA and with the total amount of the order in Euros.

If the cheque is not received within 10 days or if the cheque is rejected by the bank, SQUARE PARTNERS reserves the right to cancel the order. The customer can also get on simple request a bill with the address of delivery.

Article 6: Non-payment and reservation of title

The products ordered are the property of SQUARE PARTNERS SA until final and complete payment of their price under the terms of French Law No. 80335 from May 12, 1980.

 SQUARE PARTNERS SA reserves the right to claim the goods ordered in case of default of payment. In this case and upon request from SQUARE PARTNERS SA, the customer commits to return any products that were not paid, at his own expense.

Article 7: Transfer of risk.

 The transfer of risk to the customer is carried out when the order is transferred to the carrier, responsible for the delivery. The products travel at the customer's own risk.

Article 8: Execution of the order.

 The order will be executed within the time specified on the website and when the order is confirmed by SQUARE PARTNERS SA and in any event not later than 30 days after the order confirmation.

Article 9: Delivery.

 The delivery of products will be effective when SQUARE PARTNERS SA registers the customer's payment.

 The delivery times vary according to the quantities requested and the destination.

 The times indicated on the website are given for information only: no compensation can be claimed for a missed deadline. If the customer wants a specified delay, he has to ask for a quote to SQUARE PARTNERS by e-mail or postal mail and specify he wants a specific time of delivery. SQUARE PARTNERS will then consider their request to get more time and will eventually agree to carry out the order within that period. The delivery is famous for carrying out at the time of the delivery of the product to the carrier responsible for its delivery. The note given by the carrier must imperatively be dated and signed by the customer when the product is delivered. This note,dated and signed, will be a proof regarding transportation and delivery.

Article 10: Period of withdrawal, repayment, replacement


In accordance with Articles L.120-20 from the French Code of Consumption, you have a period of seven (7) days to exercise your right of withdrawal without having to give reasons or to pay penalties except ,when appropriate, the cost of return. The seven-day period applies from the date of receipt of the items.

 To cancel your purchase during the withdrawal period, please wrap the item carefully and send it back with the delivery note to the following address:


Tecnosud, 100 rue James Watt
66100 Perpignan - FRANCE
Phone : (+33) 
Fax : (+33)

 We inform you that the services incidental to the main purchase contract can be cancelled (example: gift wrapping charges).

 When delivered, the customer must check the contents, the conformity and the products delivered. If an error occurs on the product, the customer agrees to return the said products within seven (7) days following their receipt at SQUARE PARTNERS SA. As soon as the product is received in good and due form, SQUARE PARTNERS SA will return at its expense, the product initially ordered.

 If the delivery does not meet the quantity ordered, SQUARE PARTNERS SA agrees to make an additional delivery at its own expense, unless the customer wants the repayment of the quantity that was not delivered and only the latter.

Article 11: Emergency.

 Are considered emergency, in addition to those usually retained by the jurisprudence of French courts and tribunals:

 - The total or partial strikes, whether internal or external to the company, the blocking of means of transport or supply for any reason whatsoever, governmental or legal restrictions, computer failures, interruption of telecommunications including networks and in particular the Internet .

 First, the occurrence of an emergency will suspend ,by operation of law, the execution of the order. If after a period of three months, the parties note the persistence of the case of emergency, the order will be automatically cancelled, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

Article 12: Withdrawal of the products if the client is absent

In the absence of the recipient when delivered, the carrier will leave a delivery notification at the delivery address specified by the customer. The products will have to be withdrawn at the address and according to the methods specified by the carrier. If not withdrawn on time by the carrier, the goods will be sent back to SQUARE PARTNERS SA which reserves the right to pay back the price, the delivery costs being at the expense of the customer.

Article 13: Guarantee.

 The delivered products are systematically checked by SQUARE PARTNERS SA before shipping. They were the subject of any necessary treatment to make them look consistent with this description on the website, with the exception of reservations made ​​in Article 10.

Article 14: Right to have access to the file.

The personal information requested from the customer is necessary for the process and delivery of orders and printing invoices.

 In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to have access and to correct your personal data.

 The exercise of this right is to be made to SQUARE PARTNERS SA Tecnosud, 100, James Watt, 66100 Perpignan, France with a proof of your identity (photocopy of ID).

 Besides, SQUARE PARTNERS SA reserves the right to disclose your information to other companies who may send you direct commercial proposals. If you do not want to, please just write us and tell us your name, address and possibly a user name.

Article 15: Responsibility.

 The company SQUARE PARTNERS SA, owner of the website, commits exclusively to comply with laws or regulations in force in France : thus, no legal rule specific to the country of delivery will be taken into account, the customers being the only responsible for the compliance with the laws of their country, and must therefore earlier, ensure that the products they order comply with the standards in force in their country.

Whatever the cause of liability, the maximum liability of SQUARE PARTNERS SA will be in the amount of the order.

Article 16 : Cookies.

Pour faciliter votre navigation sur le site, SQUARE PARTNERS SA procède à des cookies. Vous ne vous exposez à aucun risque en acceptant le recours à ce système. Un " cookie " ne nous permet pas de vous identifier. En revanche, il enregistre des informations relatives à votre navigation (pages consultées, date et heure de consultation…). Nous utilisons les " cookies " pour vous donner accès plus facilement aux rubriques qui vous intéressent. Les " cookies " nous permettent également d'établir des statistiques de fréquentation (origines des visiteurs, fréquence des retours, etc…). Les informations ainsi recueillies par SQUARE PARTNERS SA faisant l'objet d'un traitement informatisé, vous avez un droit d'accès et de rectification dans les conditions énoncées dans l'article 14.

Article 17 : Electronic signature

 The "submit" button associated with the authentication and non-repudiation procedures and the protection of all of the messages is an electronic signature. This electronic signature has value between the parties as a handwritten signature.

Article 18: Proof.

The registers stored in the SQUARE PARTNERS SA's computer systems, with reasonable conditions of safety, will be considered proof of communication, orders and payments between the parties.

Article 19: Preservation and archiving.

The archiving of the order forms and the invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable medium so as to correspond to a precise copy, in accordance with section 1348 of the French Civil Code.

Article 20: The whole contract.

These general conditions of sale represent all obligations of the parties. No other general or special conditions provided by the customer will be incorporated or infringe the general terms and conditions.

Article 21: Governing Law.

All orders automatically imply your acceptance of our general terms of sale. These general conditions of sale and any other difficulties coming from the execution of these general conditions and from the order placed by the customer are governed by French law.

Article 22: Settlement of disputes.

Our customer service,, is available to settle any dispute. If an agreement is not reached, jurisdiction is granted the responsibility of the headquarters SQUARE PARTNERS SA to the courts, however appeal or multiple defendants, even for emergency procedures or precautionary procedures by interim or provisional application


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