Our Story

"The marriage of horse riding with French luxury"

Our horsewhips are made from hackberry wood whose resources, rare and prestigious, enable us to make top-of-the-range products. This wood from the family of the elm is very common in our region, the Pyrénées-Orientales, where the ground, which is in a Mediterranean climate, is particularly favourable to its development. Flexible, strong and light at the same time, the hackberry wood has been specially cultivated since the 13th century for the hand-crafted making of hunting whips and whips dedicated to equestrian sports. The hackberries' trunks, strictly selected, are cut on the days of the full moon shoulder-high and dried for at least two years before being shaped in a “braided” way. Our slappers are made from pieces of grained goatskin leather from the most beautiful skins. Cut again and stuck against each other, to polished slices of beeswax, threaded with a red paintbrush, they will be bound to the handle by a French tie with waxed thread, which is also red for the “Prestige” collection, signature of our House. The horsewhip's handle is also wrapped with a grained goatskin leather. Thus, the quality of the sheathing used create elegant horsewhips which gives a unique and luxurious dimension. Handmade, all numbered and lifetime warranty for the “Prestige” range, our horsewhips are fashion items highly coveted by the horsewomen and horsemen who belong to the chic and elegant universe of horse riding.


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